Vergobret is a title, in which I, Kevin Sommers, assign to an entity. This entity will have a natural lifespan as any mortal. It begins here as an idea, it grows into a cooperation, matures into a corporation, and then retires when the principals it stands for are status quo. The word itself is rooted in Celtic language and roughly translates to 'home field general' or a commanding officer who operates exclusively in his nations' borders. To what I envision today you can see us as 50% drill sergeant, 25% recruiter, and 25% propagandist.

Our home base is America, a nation beginning its recovery from the 'Jewish Century.' America at present suffers from many ills: Anxiety & depression related to forced multiculturalism, lack of identity due to an immense white guilt campaign, corrupt food & health structure where malpractice runs rampant, genocidal anti-white monopolies in the tech & communication markets, and feminization of men due to toxins passed through by incompetent regulatory agencies. The average American feels cut-off, lonely, scared, and suffers from a complex puzzle of health issues or the side-effects of foreign designed 'cures.' The average American downs sugar like Opium and live behind a coldness designed to protect them from despair and identity guilt.

The emergence of the alt-right as presented on sites such as the Daily Stormer show us that not only is there a hope, it doesn't depend on turning back time or turning our backs on the technology which makes our lives a little bit better. Our futures hold hope and with the help of modern communication and intelligence technologies we will have the ability to create generational change, providing the knowledge that our actions will continue to be remembered long after our natural lives have ended. We can ensure safety and stability for generations to come with the perfect memory of computer storage keeping facts factual and reality based. Our computers are calculating and thorough, so that we can safely focus on other topics without worry of work going unfinished.

The Vergobret project majors in reintroducing positive-futurism into the mass culture. Our goals are to create new styles and methods of creation for art which inspires optimism, connectives, white pride, and warm comfy feels. We embrace the use of technology to hold people together and hold out those who would seek and destroy. The project will start in the product design & fashion sectors as our presentation to the world, our taste, is the most influential thing we have. Clothing was the first to fall to feminization way back in the 1600s and will be the first form of business in re-vitalizing male authority. Our project will minor in health as it is vital for energized momentum. A clear instinctual mind & slim body are paramount to any who believe themselves worthy role models for the world.

This project is based on half a decade of research in divergent & emerging fields related to human relations, genetics, politics, and culture. This project currently exists as a dream, a great big fluffy cloud. I am interested in connecting with all who wish to play a part in our future, that is so long as you're white. At currently I would best be able to utilize the talents of those familiar with open source development, artists, coders, fashion designers, art/cultural historians, alt-right political activists, social media experts, and marketers. We're all going to have a different mixture of skills however and so long as you haven't been so educated to follow only a single disciplinary straight-and-narrow path by your local jewniversity your input & participation will be appreciated. This project is currently with solid direction, which is different than having a strict plan in that I value contributions from newbies and flexibility to adapt with emerging trends. I understand this won't work as well for people used to the traditional method however much adaptation has already been accomplished to keep up with today's race-speed world. We currently have no use for monetary donations, for the time being direct them toward the Daily Stormer.

To join up, simply email me at and we will talk. You can keep up on the art expiraments I've been toying with at the Vergobret instagram page. I haven't been active on social media due to the tomfuckery called 'shadowbanning' as well as the overt censorship employed. Experts in the field will tell me that I should be on there regardless, and if you know how I could keep an account open without cucking my words then I'd appreciate the help.

Should you wish to read further on the idea we present, this is one document that had been lost to time Mondrian v Computer Art 1966